We endeavor to fundamentally and monetarily support and Initiate organizations, institutions, individuals and activities that advance the presentation, education and appreciation of the Visual Arts in Puerto Vallarta.

We seek to support organizations and activities that:


  • Diverse Audiences through shared experiences with art.
  • Community organizations to create a stronger sense of place through art
  • Educate and unite Diverse audiences


  • Interdisciplinary partnerships that embrace PV’s role as a vibrant center of the arts
  • Involvement among diverse members in the community
  • Progressive art education programming for the public of all ages through scholarships and activity support.


  • Excellence in arts education, interpretation, exhibition, and programming.
  • Exhibition, interpretation, and creation of artwork as a means of raising awareness about social, political, economic, and environmental issues facing our society.
  • Preservation of art and art collections, public and private.
Frienship Fountain


Puerto Vallarta

PVShares Foundation is a United States Nonprofit Corporation.
It has been designated as a US Public Charity under IRS code 501(c)(3).
EIN #84-2455415
Donations from US Citizens are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law